Meetings 2022

We meet on the first Friday of the month (unless indicated otherwise) and our 2022 programme is as follows. All meetings will be subject to any further government restrictions.

Friday 7 January

This ain't one of those movies – Dave Airey

Friday 4 February

Cactus propagation – John Carr

Friday 4 March

Return to the USA, Part 2 – Graham Walker

Friday 1 April 

Chile without a guide book – John Hughes

Friday 13 May  (second Friday)

Madeira – Ann and Rick Hudson

Sunday 22 May

Display at Thwaite Botanic Gardens, Cottingham

Friday 10 June  (second Friday)

Plants of the Richtersveld – Eddy Harris

Saturday 25 June

Display and sales, Wassand Hall Plant Fair

Friday 1 July

Turkish delight – Ray Stephenson

Sunday 7 August

Open greenhouses
Robert Lawrence
Ann Lowry, Buffet and Garden Party

Friday 2 September

Rebutia group – Neil Hyde

Friday 7 October

A new love – Simon Snowden

Friday 4 November

AGM and members' pictures on any subject

Friday 2 December

Christmas Party and Bob's Fun Quiz



St Nicholas Church Hall
Pickering Road


First Friday of the month


7.30pm start

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